We aim to balance students' schedules in order to obtain the necessary variety and credits to fulfill each year's requirements.  Please refer to the schedule below for each grade/program and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. 

american school varna
9th Grade


10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade

English:  English 1


Math:  Algebra 1 or Algebra 2


Science:  Earth/Space Science or



Social Studies: World History


Electives: 2 courses

English:  English 2 


Math:  Algebra 2 or Geometry


Science:  Biology


Social Studies: American History


Electives: 2 courses

English:  English 3


Math:  Geometry or Pre-calculus


Science:  Chemistry 1


Social Studies: American Government


Electives: 2 courses

English:  English 4


Math:  Pre-calculus


Science:  Anatomy and Physiology


Social Studies: Economics with Financial Literacy


Electives: 2 courses

High School Hybrid

English:  English 1 - 4


Social Studies:

    American History


    American Government





   Health (if needed)

Optional subjects:






   AP courses (additional fees apply)

AP Courses

AP Biology


AP Calculus AB


AP Chemistry


AP English Language and Composition


AP English Literature and Composition


AP Macroeconomics


AP Microeconomics


AP Psychology


AP Statistics


AP U.S History


AP U.S. Government and Politics

US High School Graduation Requirements
american school varna